RCS Labs offers business intelligence solutions based on Luxms BI.
Luxms BI is an interactive data visualization solution for executives and business analysts. With this analytical app, users can instantly access key business performance indicators, and perform on the spot express analysis of trends. Luxms BI boasts really fast and easy to use interface with beautiful graphics.

Luxms BI iPad client is optimized for executives and managers to work comfortably with analytical data sets. It synchronizes and displays data. Once synchronized, the app can work fully functional in offline mode. Data can be updated near-real-time or periodically pushed to the device, depending on business needs. Luxms BI web-client (HTML5-based) enables working with the same analytical data sets from any desktop/laptop web browser.

WebCall Release 2.0 software product is a scalable networking platform for transferring audio and video traffic leveraging state of the art web technologies and existing telecommunication infrastructure. WebCall Release 2.0 allows you to implement any business logic based on RTMP protocol family developed by the Adobe company and supported by Adobe Flash Player web browser plugins. SIP/RTP protocols are used for interaction with external networks.

WebCall WebCommunicator software product allows you to register, make and receive voice and video calls, exchange text messages, manage contacts and do many more things you expect from a carrier grade communicator. Client software is developed as a Web app and is based on "WebCall Release 2.0".

WebClick2Call is a software product powered by WebCall Release 2.0 for adding click-to-call functionality on a client’s website.

WC2C Web Button Studio software product is a functional extension of WebClick2Call for easy creation of customizable WC2C apps based on JavaScript and Adobe Flash technologies. You can change app’s look&feel and even let clients to self-manage the apps.

ALENA Release 1 is an extension of WebClick2Call. ALENA Release 1 is compatible with WebClick2Call and WC2C Web Button Studio. ALENA Release 1 brings customers the power of WebRTC: opportunity to make audio and video calls with no additional client software, including browser plug-ins. ALENA Release 1 client part is optimized for Google Chrome browsers starting with 23 version, release and dev branches for desktop operating systems and Google Chrome for Android for tablets. Compatibility with other WebRTC-ready browsers is possible but not guaranteed.